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HANDS in Autism Program: Toolkit for Medical Professionals:  Developed by Christian Sarkine Autism Treatment Center, Riley Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic, Indiana University School of Medicine - Department of
Psychiatry.  Some of the information is Indiana specific (particular specific referral contacts in Section II), but there is a lot of information that is useful to any medical professional.  Free pdf available for download.

Topics covered in the tool kit include:
Section I - First Concerns:  Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Questions to Ask Families with ASD concerns, Diagnosis and Screening Tools
Section II - Referral - General overview of many different types of autism treatment.
Section III - Understanding Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder  - Overview of Autism Characteristics, Family Issues, Perspectives of Professionals and Parents
Section IV of the Toolkit - Tips for a Successful Clinic Visit-- This is a particularly helpful section which provides helpful suggestions and tools for providing additional support for autism patients:   What Can Staff Do to Support Patients During Clinic Visits, Visual Strategies, Simple Things to Try in Your Clinic, Visual Schedules, Visual Supports, Reward Systems, Sensory Considerations, Social Stories
Section V - Handouts for Families - Handouts covering - Autism Overview, Common Misconceptions, Evaluating Treatments, Common Medical Terminology, Effective Educational Components and many other subjects.

National Autistic Society - Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders-Information for Health Professionals
Information sheet aimed at all health professionals who may come into contact with an adult or child with autism for reasons other than their autism. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, dentists and opticians may find this useful. Much of the advice in this information sheet will also be of use to hospital staff who are caring for an in-patient with an autistic spectrum disorder.

NurseTV - How to Treat Young Patients with Autism - Article detailing five step action plan for interacting with children with autism.

'Gently Does It' - Caring for Adults with Autism  - Article from ACP Internist - November 2008.  Full text of article

Practical Oral Care for People with Autism
- Booklet from NIDCR (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research-National Institutes of Health.  Full text available on the website and also free downloadable pdf file.  Information for dentists and dental professionals on strategies for care and specific oral health issues that may be seen in people with autism.

Autism Questions and Answers for Health Care Professionals -  Provided by National Institutes of Health - Eunice Kennedy Shriver - National Institute of Child Health and Human Development