Autism Seen as an Asset, not Liability, in Some Jobs: - MSNBC article profiling an emerging movement among employers to utilize the unique attributes of high functioning autistic results in the workplace.

The National Autism Society - Employer Pack: The Undiscovered Workforce  -Downloadable booklet for employers seeking information about hiring individuals on the Autism Spectrum. 

Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders:  Quality Employment Practices
Institute for Community Inclusion Brief.  The brief is aimed primarily at Employment Support Specialists that help individuals with autism adjust to the job environment.  However, it contains information about the benefits to employers of hiring individuals with autism as well as effective strategies to help individuals with autism succeed in the work environment.

Autism New Jersey/Autism Speaks - Autism in the Workplace

Autism in the Workplace

Stephen at Work - Autism Speaks video profiling an individual on the Autism Spectrum who works as a part-time accounts receivable clerk.

Stephen at Work