The Scotch Plains Public Library and the Fanwood Memorial Library in New Jersey together with their partners have created a customer service training video designed to help library staff serve individuals with autism and their families more effectively. Full information is available at the website:  "Libraries and Autism:  We're Connected". 

Links to Highlights from the Libraries and Autism site-- including the Part 1 and Part 2 of the training video via YouTube are included below:

Free Resources - Including customizable Special Needs Communication Guide, "This is My Library" - customizable book to introduce people to your library, and training workshop material.  Also includes email link to receive free decal as shown in video.

Strategies That Work - Sharing best practices for practical programs that have worked at other libraries.

Training Video - This film was produced by Mary Olive Smith at Engel Entertainment

YouTube Video - Libraries and Autism-Part 1 of 2

YouTube Video

Individuals with autism often benefit from visual supports.  However, software programs that are designed to create these supports are often cost prohibitive for individual families to purchase.  This video tells about a great program in England in which a public library purchased the software for parents to use and provides support and training on how to use it.

Across the Board:Autism Support for families