Parks and Recreation

A Can-Do Approach to Autistic Children and Athletics - A New York Times article about adapted physical education programs for children with autism.  Among the activities that are mentioned as being particularly well-suited to children with autism are swimming, martial arts, running and surfing.

"Use of Physical Activity to Improve Behavior of Children with Autism - Two for One Benefits" -  Article authored by John O'Connor, Ron French, and Hester Henderson for "Palaestra" (A publication which addresses sport, physical education and recreation for those with disabilities).  This article discusses the both the benefits and the issues associated with physical activity programs for autistic children.  Provides instructional and exercise guidelines for effective programs as well as a case study.  Full text of article is available at link.

Autism and Considerations in Recreation and Physical Activity Settings - Information available from the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD).  Provides information on sensory, behavioral, social, cognition, communication, and neurological considerations to be aware of when developing a physical activity or recreation program for autistic individuals.  Also provides information on inclusion as well as exercise guidelines.  Several videos are available to illustrate the points covered.  

Recreation and Socialization - Autism Hangout interview with Kathy Radziunas a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist about a program that she has been running for 10 years in CT that uses recreating to help children with autism improve their social skills.

Autism Hangout: Recreation and Socialization

Club Aviva - Empowering Steps Feature on Autism - Profile of Empowering Steps Movement Therapy program at Club Aviva, a gymnastic club in British Columbia.

Club Aviva- Empowering Steps Program