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Pivotal Behaviors Training Manual  Online training manual on How to Teach Pivotal Behaviors to Children with Autism Reference Manual Pivotal Behaviors Training Manual 
CARD Conference (FL) Archived Materials CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disorder) presenter materials from previous conferences available for download.  Reference-Conference Materials CARD FL Conference Materials 
Neurodiversity Extensive resource index on a variety of autism related subjects. Also includes blog covering such issues as disability rights; controversy over autism and vaccines; protrayal of autism in the media, etc. Reference-Resources, Articles, etc. Neurodiversity 
Autism Internet Modules (AIM) Note: You have to register for this site. Note2: 10 of the planned 60 modules are currently available. The AIM project will develop a series of 60 modules by the time the project is complete on topics including assessment and identification, characteristics, evidence-based practices and interventions, transition to adulthood, and employment. Module authors include experts on ASD from across the nation. These modules are available at no cost to any computer user. These modules have the potential to positively impact the educational, family, vocational, and medical communities - on a local and worldwide basis - and may alter the ways in which ASD training occurs. For example, * A school district that wishes to provide training to their paraprofessionals on priming (i.e., introducing information or activities prior to their use and/or occurrence) would require that they complete the ASD module on priming prior to attending the training. During the actual training, school district personnel could work with the paraprofessionals to apply the knowledge they had learned from the modules. Thus, during the training paraprofessionals would be evaluating priming supports already in place with the students they support and/or designing new priming supports that meet students' needs. * Parent support group members who meet to talk about home-based visual supports might access the module on visual supports prior to their meeting and focus meeting time on developing visual supports for their children. * A university faculty member who wishes to provide coursework in ASD may use the videotaped clips that illustrate the characteristics of autism or Asperger syndrome and download PowerPoint slides, resources and references, knowledge-based assessment tools, and case studies to be used in graduate or undergraduate courses. Reference - Parent and Professional Training  AIM 
Behavior Doctor This site is dedicated to providing proactive strategies and solutions for behaviors that adults wish to target for change in either their personal children or the students that they teach. Some autism specific materials. Extensive and very useful information regarding Functional Behavioral Analysis Reference Materials - Autism/Behaviorial Support Behavior Doctor  
Penn State National Autism Conference Outreach Lots of archived video and presentations from conference Reference-Conference Materials Penn State Autism Conference Archive 
Autism Alabama Developed by State Dept of Ed. based on recommendation by Alabama IACC Education, Information, Reference Material, Training Autism Alabama - State Dept. of Education Training and Information site 
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