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Learning Tree, Inc.

The Learning Tree, Inc. is a non-profit organization, incorporated in 1983, that exists to provide a warm and loving environment with individualized, empirically validated services and supports to persons with significant educational, medical, and behavioral challenges; helping them develop and maintain a quality of life expected by non-disabled members of their family and community.

The organization maintains three residential schools in Alabama - one each in Mobile, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee - for children with autism spectrum disorders and other intellectual disabilities. In addition, it operates The Little Tree Preschools in Mobile, Jacksonville, and Auburn and a consulting program for public schools and other organizations. Non-residential services for elementary aged students are anticipated in the latter part of 2009 through Woody’s Song, a program currently under development.

Services are supervised and provided by a variety of professionals including certified teachers, psychologists, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, social workers, speech and language pathologists, physical and occupational therapists, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses. Each geographic location has developed relationships with local universities allowing course credit for on-site activities including internships and practicum opportunities for students from a variety of departments including, Psychology, Education and, Children and Family Services. 

These relationships with universities allow practical experience for students and additional professional resources for the The Learning Tree, Inc. Each site employs multiple Board Certified Behavior Analysts for a total of more than 20 BCBAs employed throughout the organization.

In 26 years of service, The Learning Tree has grown from one small school to three residential campuses, three inclusive preschools, and a consultation program for public school systems and other agencies. In all those years, the school has not deviated from its original mission, to provide quality individualized education to those served and, has developed a reputation within many states for successfully serving those children who engage in severely challenging behavior.


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