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Easter Seals Opportunity Center

From the Easter Seals Opportunity Center website: 
(For more information visit - http://opportunity-center.com/)

The Opportunity Center-Easter Seal Community Rehabilitation Program is a training and employment resource centrally located at 6300 McClellan Blvd., Anniston, Alabama 36202. It is owned and operated by the Alabama Easter Seal Society, and is an agency of the United Way. Many individuals served through the Opportunity Center programs are referred by the Adult Vocational Rehabilitation Service (AVRS). Clients residing in Calhoun, Clay, Cleburne, Coosa, Randolph, and Talladega counties are eligible for services. The primary goal of the Opportunity Center is to enable disabled individuals to develop personally and vocationally and to learn skills and work habits necessary to obtain and maintain competitive employment.
Services offered include:
Assessment: Vocational Evaluation/Situational Assessment, Career Exploration, and Pre-Employment Testing (in-house or on-site).
Employability Development: Work/Personal Adjustment Training, Mobile Adjustment, Job Readiness Classes, Driver's Education, GED, Personal Development Training, Counseling Support Groups, Computer Training and Forklift Training.
Employment Services:  Job Development, Job Coaching, Job Retention, Follow-Up, and Supported Employment.
Support Services: Meals and Transportation.
Work Services and Workshop Employment: May be available to those individuals who have completed a rehabilitation program (usually to complete primary contracts within the workshop). Additionally, a limited number of positions may be available to non-disabled individuals.
Contract Services: The Opportunity Center offers a state of the art, well equipped manufacturing and servicing facility supplying local industries and military services.

Mission Statement
To provide vocational development and extended employment for the mentally, emotionally and physically disabled and other persons with barriers to employment to maximize their employment potential.

Three important components of this mission include:

  • Employment opportunities through competitive placement programs, as well as traditional employment in the workshop.
  • Work adjustment training in vocational skills, work behaviors and attitudes.
  • Counseling and guidance for individuals in preparation for gainful employment in the community.

History of the Opportunity Center

The Opportunity Center - Easter Seal was founded in 1956 as a Homebound Program serving the disabled in their homes.
The work center opened on September 10, 1956 serving 25 clients who trained on numerous contracts for local industries.
Buildings and program expansion continues through funds from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Rotary Club and the estate of Judge L. B. Liles.
Growth and quality services continue to generate more job placements and client referrals.

Rainbow Omega

Services are considered for men and women who are 18 years or older, who can benefit from the services and who have a developmental disability.   Services include respite, residential and vocational programs.
From the Rainbow Omega website: 
(For more information visit - http://www.rainbowomega.org/)
Rainbow Omega means “hope in the end”. The organization’s name is derived from the Biblical references to the rainbow (which stands for hope) and Omega (the last letter of the Greek alphabet). The vision of the founders was to provide a sheltered community to adults with developmental disabilities and to provide parents an answer to the question "What will happen to my child when I can no longer provide care in my home?" One of our parents put it best when she said, “Rainbow Omega is an answer to a prayer that I didn’t know how to pray.” 
Rainbow Omega, Inc was incorporated in 1991 and the first two group homes opened in 1995 to serve 16 residents.  Since that time, our operations have grown exponentially. Today, we have 80 residents and an operational budget near $5 million.
Our MissionTo glorify God by ensuring that adults with developmental disabilities have a permanent and safe home where their abilities and potentials are respected and nurtured in a Christian environment.
Our VisionRainbow Omega will be a non-institutional environment that instills both a family and a community atmosphere where residents experience quality standards of care while enabling them to grow spiritually and to have productive, joy-filled and independent lives.
Our Values:  
  • We believe in the sanctity, dignity and worth of each person.
  • We are committed to the well-being of our residents regardless of their disability.
  • We respect and support the families of our residents.
  • We diligently steward the generous gifts provided by our benefactors.
  • We are guided by and uphold the highest principles in all we do.